Ties that bind cont’d

That was the beginning of their relationship. Before long, they go everywhere and do everything together. One couldn’t be seen without the other nearby. They were happy. They were in love.
After a few months together, they both decided to take their relationship one step further and get engaged. Meanwhile, all along they had not been intimate and unknown to Sylvia, Gbadebo was impotent. Now that their relationship was becoming serious, he decided to tell her the truth so she could make a decision before they got further involved.
Surprisingly for Gbadebo, Sylvia was blasé about the whole situation. She told him as long as God is alive; there is nothing impossible for him to do. She let him know that God had revealed to her that she will have children round about her table and her quiver full of them. So, as a result of this promises, she’s expectant of a miracle.
Six months later, Sylvia and Gbadebo got married. It was a society wedding; dignitaries near and far attended the reception and they was lots of food to eat and drinks flowed in abundant. Their wedding night, they were not able to make love. Sylvia was still optimistic and waiting for a miracle….
…..to be continued

Maggie Smart


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