Excerpt from my new novel

….First day of school. Hmmm, I sighed to myself. These episodes have happened so frequently over the years I feel as if it’s the kind of life I’m doomed to live for all eternity. Of course, my thoughts are reminiscent of a typical teenager’s, always thinking that the immediate problem or circumstance we find ourselves is usually the end of the line. I giggled softly to myself because the last phrase triggered the memory of a movie I saw recently by that title. Funny, but my situation is not in any way similar to that of the characters in the movie.
I am in my room preparing for the first day of school in a strange and new town that I have lived in for approximately forty-two hours. My dad is a civil servant in the ministry of works. He is an engineer by vocation and works in the department of mining. The nature of his job is such that he can be uprooted from his home at anytime and transferred to a state he has never been in before. Consequently, we have lived in more states than I care to count in my short life. Now, we are yet in another, the coal city; Enugu State.
Thank God for small mercies though; at least this time he was transferred to the capital city and not some minuscule town that can’t be found on the country’s map.

Watch out for it…coming out soon.


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