Wise at 40; Wise Forever

Last night I went to a birthday party of a mentor of mine who turned forty and it got me thinking. I pondered what legacy I will leave behind when I finally vacate this world; I wondered how many lives I will affect positively and how many people will be able to say they became better people through their association with me.
As I sat at my table enjoying the festivities, men and women of note streaming in and out of the banquet hall, tears came to my eyes as the people this woman has impacted spoke about her faith, her grace, her courage, her tenacity, her kind heart and her ability to make those around her want to be better and achieve more.
At the age of forty, this woman has been able to start and maintain a successful business, keep a befitting and beautiful home, raise God-fearing and sweet children and also help her husband’s ministry. Her husband testified of her faith, the unbending love she has for God and the respect she has for His word.
Above all, she is a woman who loves God; this is what stood out like a sore thumb of everyone’s testimony – that she takes God and his word very seriously. This for me is the ultimate. However you want to achieve impact, you have to always put God first and spend time in the place of prayer and studying His word. Impact cannot be achieved any other way.


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