The ancients, although their speculations and theories have influenced the world in many ways through the centuries, did not, for the most part, give practical contributions to science. Archimedes, the Greek mathematician who lived in Sicily in the third century B.C, was an exception to this rule. His work in geometry, hydro statistics and mechanics was of a pioneer nature and the principles he laid down have been of paramount importance and lasting impressions.
This man, a great scientist and philosopher of his time made great discoveries that moved the world during his era. He discovered and theorized on the Archimedes principle which physicists still use till date. The Archimedes principle states that “when a body is plunged into water, the volume of the water removed is equal to the weight of the body immersed”. If you are a scientist, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with this principle, it still works for us till date and we quote Archimedes in schools throughout the world. Therefore, the first fundamental law in hydrostatics was enunciated.
He was also known to have written essays on the dimension of spheres, cones, cylinder, and the measurement of the circle, on spirals, on the equilibrium of planes or their center of gravity, on the quadrature of the parabola, on floating bodies and so on. His findings basically laid the groundwork for so many researches in history and till date.
Although, Archimedes was considered odd by most people, he didn’t allow this to be a limitation for him. He was unassuming and modest; even sometimes neglect to groom himself as he was often so absorbed by his scientific problems. He was always elated by new recoveries but he is humble to a fault and does not take anything that is not pertaining to his work seriously. Archimedes, the inspired engineer, made many great discoveries and even helped his country when the roman general, Marcellus, laid siege to Syracuse by inventing ways in which to fight back. He was a famous and brilliant scientist and his name is still heard in the world today despite his limitations.


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