Cold Warm Embrace

I was recently chatting with an old friend on Facebook – we hadn’t talked in years – he just happened to read my blog and wanted to tell me what he thought of it and he decided to engage in a chat with me. While we were chatting, he used the words ‘warm embrace coldly’ to describe the feeling he garnered from our first meeting way back in the university. He said he felt I was a closed system; meaning I was cautious about giving my all.
This left me thinking – how many people have passed through my life and felt like I didn’t give them my all? Did they feel like I was offering them a warm embrace coldly like the young man aforesaid did? Did that first encounter so put them off that they were not willing to approach me again and consequently, the impact I was supposed to have on their lives was lost there and then.
Sometimes, we meet people and the first meeting might not go so well but impressions are already formed nonetheless. It’s a popular belief that an opinion can be formed about one approximately four seconds after a meeting and thirty seconds later one’s mind is made up about the quality of person you are meeting.
Consequently, the first meeting is the most important. It can either put one off or draw one closer. It can either mar one’s belief system or make it stronger. It can either impact a life or have the opposite effect. Therefore, it’s very important to be wary of the impression or energy we always give off to avoid offering a cold warm embrace to someone that needs a warm hug.


4 thoughts on “Cold Warm Embrace

  1. Wonderful piece. I had an encounter with a lady a couple of days back. She told me that our first meeting wasn’t the best for her. Her claim was that I embarrassed her but with a harmless joke (or so I thought). She waited for about 18 months to reveal this to me. The moral of this is that the circumstance doesn’t always define this personality. Good job Wumi!

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