The bane of “perfection”

Life is challenging enough as it is without the added pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect.
Perfection is always aiming to get to a level of faultlessness by all means, damning the consequences. Aiming for perfection in itself is not a bad thing, what makes it not okay is when it becomes damaging to you and the people around. It’s important to always pull back and measure our impact on our circle of influence from time to time so as to be sure we are still on track.
We shouldn’t focus on achieving perfection in things or matters that are really not important in the grand scheme of things.
As we journey through life, we tend to drag along with us issues that are frivolous and unnecessary  thereby causing us to loose focus of the necessary ones. We spend so much of our time and devote our attention to said things that by the end of it all we are too drained physically, intellectually and emotionally. Its just not worth it.
Rededicate your life to purpose this beautiful morning and aim to achieve greatness by being your best and not aiming for perfection in all things.

Maggie Smart


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