My feelings, Your Reputation

I just came across a quote on instagram that says: “the way you make people feel is your reputation.”
How true this is- every action, word, expression, or move we make triggers feelings in the recipient and this could be either good or bad.
Imagine yourself as a business owner and a prospective client walks in the door, you are on a call and you didn’t indicate the client’s presence and just went on speaking on the phone…that will trigger a feeling of anger within the client and they might make up their mind right then and there to take their business elsewhere.
Of course this might be just an oversight on your part and not meant as a deliberate slight, however the damage is done and the business is lost. This simple mistake can lead to a chain of reactions you might not even foresee as this said client will inform their circle of influence how you made them feel; hence, your reputation is formed.
Be cautious of the way you make people feel at all times.

Maggie Smart


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