My Mind, My Body, My Life

Failure is a dangerous thing and if you are going to be physically healthy, you must not fail. Sometimes when we feel sick, it’s as a result of worry and negative thoughts. The things we hold in our hearts are very crucial. The bible says when you wait (hope) for something and your hope wanes, the heart becomes sick.
Worry is a disease that affects the body. When you worry too much, you actually feel sick, depressed and before you know it, you start feeling sick in your body. Whatever your mind projects affects your circumstances and beliefs in a way that will either mold you or mar you.
I once heard a story of a woman who had cancer. The cancer had grown to the extent that chemotherapy was no longer effective. She was ministered to by a man of God who discovered that she was so worried about her daughter that it adversely affected her mind and consequently her body. The man of God told her to profess her healing and consciously act as if she’s healed. He told her to project these thoughts always and confess them too. She agreed and left.
Days go by and the day for her check-up drew near. The woman went to see her doctor and the doctor did his usual tests and discovered there was no longer cancer in her body. He was astounded, repeated the tests and on getting the same results called his colleagues to help out. After prodding the woman for a number of hours, they finally accepted that there was no sign of cancer in her body.
What happened, you might say? The simple power of confession and positive thinking which she embraced. She erased all worries from her heart and believed she was whole and she was made whole.
The universe actively works on and responds to our thoughts and professions, whatever we put out there, the universe grabs and runs with. From this moment on, endeavor to visualize what you want for your life and profess it every hour of every day.
You’ve been doing it in a particular way before and you’ve not gotten favorable results, why not try it this way and see what happens. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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