First Love; Everyday Love

Over the course of my life, I found that writing is something I do effortlessly and it brings such joy to me. I love writing and I always look for avenues to write and hone my writing skills. Although, in this time, I’ve embraced so many hobbies like reading, gisting, surfing the web, just to mention a few, none has given me as much satisfaction as writing.

Come to think of it, I didn’t just stumble on writing like that, I was nudged into it by a well meaning friend/mentor who saw this gift in me and told me to pursue it and here we are today. In almost too many ways to count, writing has changed me and the way I see life and live my life.

It has opened my eyes to new worlds, forced me to view circumstances in a new light, look for angles to a story and explore what makes us tick and what makes an individual the way he/she is.

I started writing stories in a bid to impact people one way or the other through the words God is speaking through me but along the line, I find that it has become less about me writing the stories and more about the stories changing me.

And while there is much pressure to perform and advance, I find that through it all, I learn everyday to rely on God more and look to him to always lead me.


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