A Not So Little Golden Ball Cont’d

True to his words, as I drew near to where I lived, I met a lady who fit the description he gave and she asked me for directions as the old man fore-said. I chucked it all up to coincidence and went about my daily business.
A few days later, I decided to test the old man’s words. I went to the park, a place I felt I could have some space and privacy if I want. I got there, found a spot and let the ball fly, then I wished for a car; not just any car, but a 2015 Mercedes E-class. I decided to take a risk, go all out, either way I have nothing to lose. At the end of the day, I’ll either have the car or look foolish to myself. All in all, I have only myself to answer to. So I threw the ball and the force at which it went past my head startled me.
I sat down at the park and waited for two hours before I came to my senses. Do I expect the car to materialize right here and now? Unconsciously, I was waiting for someone to drive up to me and offer me their car keys; which is not likely to happen.
I decided to go back home and relax while waiting for the magic or miracle to happen. Immediately I got into my apartment, my phone rang. It was my uncle on my mother’s side. We had not spoken for years and suddenly out of the blue he calls me and told me to come see him in his office immediately. When I got there, and after exchanging pleasantries, he handed me the keys to a car, a Mercedes E-class, exactly what I wished for. I looked at him in surprise waiting for him to explain himself and he told me the car is mine.
Golden ball at work. At that moment, I believed in the potency of the ball and the words of the man. Now, I’m enjoying my Mercedes and I’m reluctant to make other wishes. I only have two wishes left and I don’t know what to wish for. I need help and suggestions. Can you help? If it were you what would you do?


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