DITL: A Day In The Life

Hi lovelies,
Sometimes, my day goes smoothly and other times, I struggle to get things done and achieve something worthwhile. I think this is something we can all relate to. At the beginning of a day or week, we set a target for ourselves as to what we want to achieve by the end of the week or day; sometimes, we achieve these set goals and sometimes we fall short.
As a writer, I find that I put immense pressure on myself to get some words down each and every day and with a baby and a husband, this might not be so feasible. So, I choose to share my day with you; a typical day that is, a day I am proud of.
I wake up in the morning as early as 6 am to cook. I have to make something for hubby and baby to take to work and school respectively and something for wify and mummy to eat as well. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, my baby does not wake as soon as I do and sometimes I’m not so lucky. It’s like he has an alarm clock set in his brain that wakes him up whenever mummy wakes. Anyway, my writing in the morning is dependent on his waking up or not, as he makes a beeline for my laptop whenever he sees it on so writing with him in the same room is a no-no.
While cooking, I pack baby’s bag, arrange school and work clothes for us both and do all necessary things in between. By the time I’m through with these things, baby is awake i.e. on lucky days. Sometimes, he follows me around and gets in my space as I try to put things together. On to the bathroom, take a shower, bathe baby and dress us both. By this time, food is ready and hubby is ready to leave the house.
We all go to our respective destinations; baby to school, hubby to work and mama to work. I get some work done and if I can, I get some writing done too. When its 4 pm, it’s time to go pick baby up from school; we go on home and repeat the cycle of the morning.
If baby sleeps early enough, I try to get some words down before hubby gets back. And so the day is gone. Bedtime and we begin the cycle all over again the next day; if I’m so lucky.
That is a typical day for me. Would you share yours too? Let’s discuss.


2 thoughts on “DITL: A Day In The Life

  1. Great one again Maggie. I totally agree that sometimes the day of a working mother does not go at all as planned. I wonder how we manage to get our hair and nails done😜
    However, we can accomplish more by planning and praying a spanner does not get thrown in there to somehow scatter all those plans.😊
    Here’s a shout out to all mums who work at home, from home or at a job and still have the time to nurture and care for hubby and the li’l ones!


    1. Thanks so much aunt Hope for this well written comment. We have so much to do in a day that by the end of the day we are tired, but even then we still have to do any other thing that needs to be done. It’s only by His grace that we are able to fulfill purpose at the end of it all.


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