It was an answer to a long voiced prayer when Dima met Buchi that fateful Tuesday in Abuja. Dima is an upcoming artist with a voice like that of an angel. Her voice is so unique with a throaty quality to it that attracts the attention of anyone that is close enough to hear when she sings. Her voice sounds a lot like Chidinma’s, the popular Nigerian singer/songwriter. Dima produced a single with the help of her long time friend turned disc jockey (DJ Chimzy) and she was determined to push and market that single to her satisfaction hence her trip to Abuja from the coal city, Enugu.

Dima got to Abuja on a rainy and dreary Sunday afternoon. Mind you, she does not know a soul in Abuja, she figured she’ll get a cheap hotel room and start moving from one radio station to another with the hope that one Good Samaritan will agree to hear her song and decide to air it on the radio. This was after careful months of planning, strategizing and saving any extra cash that came her way. Little did she know that her dreams will be as far from her as the heavens is from the earth; it will not be as easy to achieve as she had initially thought.

After two weeks of running around with no show, her soul weary from the constant rejections, her body tired from the grappling and touching of men who wants her body before they commit to listening to her demo, her shoes worn almost to the soles of her feet, her money almost running out; Dima finally accepted defeat. She finally came to terms with the fact that there was no Good Samaritan anywhere to help her; everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. It’s a tit-for-tat world out there.

It was out of this deep despair and hopelessness that a ray of light shone her way. A ray of light in the form of a man. A ray of light in the form of Buchi.

She was in the taxi on her way back to her hotel, counting the meager amount remaining in her purse when a program came on the radio. She started listening with half an ear but there was something in the presenter’s voice that tugged at her heart and she found herself drawn into the story he was weaving in his listener’s minds. He told a story of love interwoven with betrayal, heartache and loneliness. The story was heartbreaking and soul-shattering. It moved Dima immensely. She copied down the number he called out for people to call in on her blackberry and resolved to try one last time. She decided to call him and pitch her song to him; maybe this will be the breakthrough she’d been searching for.

The next day, Dima woke early, took a warm shower and dressed in the best dress she came to Abuja with. The dress was yellow, with flowered patterns sewn all over the bodice; it gave her a very feminine and appealing look. She was filled with a renewed resolve to go slay the giants in her way to success. Her excitement this morning stemmed from the conversation she had with the radio presenter last night. His name is Buchi.

“Hello.” She tentatively said into the receiver, afraid if she shouts, the listener on the other end could disappear.


A few seconds pass before Dima realized she was supposed to state her name and the reason for her call. She was so nervous, she wanted this call to turn out perfectly, as she had hoped and envisioned it in her head. She shook herself mentally. ‘Snap out of it girl!’ she admonished herself.

“Yes, hello. My mane is Dima. Am I speaking to Buchi?”

“Yes this is Buchi speaking.”

“Sorry for the intrusion but I was wondering if I can come see you at the office tomorrow. I have a single I’ll like you to listen to.”

“Oh really? What did you say your name was again?”


“I’ve never heard of you.”

“You wouldn’t have. I’m relatively new in the music business. This is my first single.”

“Oh, well. Tomorrow, you say?”

“Yes please.”

“Okay, no problem. Find your way to the station and I’ll listen to your song.”

Dima almost shouted with joy. She caught herself before she did something stupid like blow a kiss to the hapless man over the phone. It seemed too easy, his response to her query; she was expecting it to take some convincing at the least. She forced herself to answer in a subdued voice. “Thank you so much. I assure you won’t be disappointed.”

“That remains to be seen. Bye.”


She ended the call and did some cartwheels in her small hotel room. Luck was finally on her side, fate was smiling at her at last. It never crossed her mind that the song will be rejected despite previous disappointments. She knew fate was working for and with her.

……to be continued.


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