They got to the cinema and Dima paid for their tickets. They ordered popcorn and drinks which Dima also paid for. She was pissed that she had to pay for Cleo too but she chucked it up as a means to an end. Luckily, the movie they were about to see was just starting so they followed all the other movie goers and trooped into the hall. The light was already dimmed when they entered so Dima reached for Buchi’s hand as support and to guide her through. Cleo saw the action, looked Dima right in the eyes and deliberately took Buchi’s other hand too. It was at that point Dima realized she was not fighting against physical but emotional principalities.

They filed to their seats after the others and by design Cleo manipulated herself to sit between Dima and Buchi. Dima was furious. How dare she spend my money and work for me and still conspire to take my man? It never occurred to her that Buchi was only her man in her head and she has no right to him whatsoever.

She sat stiffly all through the movie and watched as Buchi and Cleo held hands, more focused on each other than the movie, whispering and giggling. It was as if Buchi wanted her aware of their relationship, to rub it in her face so to speak.

Dima was glad when the movie finally wrapped. She hadn’t enjoyed herself or the movie as all her attention was focused on the couple beside her. She was consumed with jealousy but there was nothing she could do about it. She had refused Buchi the numerous times he asked her out and she had no one else to blame but herself for her feelings now. It’s as if her feelings manifested when someone else came in the picture. She resolved to ask Buchi about Cleo when they are alone.

“Thanks for the treat, Dima.” Buchi hugged her when they got out.

She returned his hug stiffly. All the previous playfulness wiped out now that she had witnessed with her eyes what she had only suspected.  She couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eye; she didn’t want him to see the hurt in hers and guess at the cause or worse, ask her about it. So she smiled and bore it.

“You are welcome.” She replied. “Can we go back home now?”

“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted us to have fun for the day?”

“Yes I do but I’m tired. You know I just flew in this morning.” And maybe we can go back out when your side-kick leaves. “We can maybe do something tonight?” she shrugged

“Sure. Let’s take you home then.”

They went to the car-park and Dima went ahead to sit at the front seat of the car. Cleo moved as if to sit there too but Buchi shook his head and directed her to the back seat. Dima saw her pout and reluctantly move to sit. She smiled a small smile of victory. But her mood plunged again when she discovered what it meant.

“She’s going with us?” she asked, surprised and looked to Buchi to deny it.

He looked at her also with a look of surprise. “Yes Dima. I thought you would have figured it out by now; she’s my girl.”

Cleo smirked and it was all Dima could do not to reach back and smack that smirk right off her face. She resolved then and there to terminate her appointment.

They got back to Buchi’s house and Dima went straight to her room. She couldn’t stand to spend one more minute in their company.

She came back out after some three hours of sulking in the room. She found Buchi alone in the sitting room watching TV. This gladdened her heart. The side-kick is finally gone.

She leaned on the door and folded her arms around her middle. “So, you and Cleo, huh?”

Buchi looked towards her in surprise. He had not noticed her standing there. “Yes.” He answered and looked away. He was uncomfortable.

“How long have you been together?”

He scratched his head. “Ehm, just before she started working for you.”

So, he brought his girlfriend to work for me? This information disappointed Dima. She didn’t expect that from him. “Oh really? And you didn’t deem it fit to tell me?”

“Why should I have told you? There’s nothing between us remember? You wanted to focus on your career.”

So that was it. He was still hurt. Maybe there’s still hope. “Where does that leave us now?”

“Dima, there was never a ‘us’. You didn’t want it. Now, I’m with Cleo.”

Those words made Dima realize there was no moving forward for them both. Now that she was loved up, Cleo came in between them and shattered her illusions. Unfortunately for Dima, that ship already sailed for Buchi and there was no going back for them.


P.S: Thanks for reading. Was it worth it in the end? Feedback will be appreciated. More series coming up soon…very soon.




  1. Never knew you would end it that way! #disappointed! You better keep writing before I hack your page and continue writing. I don’t care to know what else you can come up with, just edit the last sentence “The End”, and write to be continued before what happened in 1923 happens again! Like seriously, you just have to continue else, I would be forced to start reading in cycles (from episode 1 to 6 over and over again)….

    PS. I think you should check this part “It was as if Buchi wanted her aware of their relationship, to rub it in her face so to speak”


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