CORPER SHUN!; the rival twins 2

The following week, as usual, I went about my normal routine but the pretty girl wasn’t far from my thoughts. It was all I could do to force myself to wait till Sunday, hoping I would see her, rather than taking matters into my hands and searching through the data of all the first timers that ever came to our church. “If she doesn’t show on Sunday, God help me…I’ll have to take drastic measures”, I kept thinking to myself.

On Wednesday, I prepared to go for CDS (Community Development Service). I had mentioned earlier that I joined the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) so as to help my desire of wanting to serve in the capital city. It was time to pay the piper.

Usually, on the day of CDS, corpers don’t go to work; it’s a day to pay our dues, mingle (which we gladly do), and in a way, give back to the society. So, I prepared, not as excited as I usually was to not go to work, but still glad I practically had the day free.

On getting to the secretariat which was our usual meeting place, I sat down and listened to the secretary of the group as she read the last meeting’s minutes. As she droned on, I found my attention waning and I looked around distractedly, barely taking note of the faces I saw until my attention was snagged by a particular face.Immediately, I zoomed on the face to get a closer look.

Behold, it was my pretty lady. I half stood up before I remembered where I was and sat back down. I looked again just to make sure she was the one and from that moment didn’t take my eyes off her. I murmured a reply when Akpan asked me about the get together planned for the batch B corps members who were to pass out soon and nodded absently when Julie told me she would like to see me at the end of the meeting.
I was so focused on the subject of my admiration; I didn’t have time for anything else. This time, I was determined she wouldn’t escape me.

So, upon the conclusion of the meeting, I was first at the door. I chose to be the one biding everyone else goodbye. Some wanted to engage me in conversation but I didn’t even give them the chance. All the ‘Essiens’ in my life, I cast out by fire; nobody was going to stop me from reaching my promised land.

She came out a little while later but she was deep in conversation with another girl. I grew impatient, almost approached her to pull her from the girl but I held myself together, barely. I hung around, trying to be inconspicuous and trying not to stare at her too hard.

Finally, she finished her conversation with the other girl and I quickly approached her. I said ‘hi’, she looked straight into my eyes and I fell, I just fell. I didn’t hear anything else after that. I must have stared at her for nothing less than a minute before I finally came back to my senses and put on my game face.

I decided to go with my best line; it works every time, although this time there was a lot more at stake. I said to her; “Umm, pardon my dumbness. Your beauty takes my breath away. I couldn’t help but stare.” When I said that, she just melted. I could physically see her melt into a puddle on the floor. I knew then and there that I had her.

Our relationship progressed from there. We spent the rest of that day together and in the evening, I took her to a joint where we ate roasted plantain, smoked fish and had some drinks. It was as if we had known each other for years, so keen were we on each other and so in tune we were.

That night, we didn’t want to spend a minute apart so I decided to go with her to her place. I met her twin sister, Joy and we all gisted well into the night. Joy left us and went to bed, but we were still cuddled on the couch together, talking and talking and talking. Nothing happened beyond that, I swear nothing happened. And yet….


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