Letters from my heart to yours; Letter One: Acceptance

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Darling child,

I write this letter to you with joy in my heart, I am so glad to hear how well you are doing. When I got your call yesterday and you told me of your successes, I was filled with pride and I’m so proud to call you mine. It is a thing of profound joy for a parent to see their precious ones succeed. This is a mandate God has given us, to nurture the seeds he gave us to become the best they can be for God and for themselves.

Nevertheless, I want to talk to you about some real life issues. Things that can make you move away from God’s will for your life, things that can handicap your talents and productivity.

First, I want to talk about acceptance. When I say acceptance, I mean to acknowledge who you are; know yourself inside out and discover how you can affect your world positively. This is very important.

To know who you are, to know the purpose for which you are on this earth and to walk in that purpose towards a great destiny, all start from understanding who you are as an individual.

Be familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. Be acquainted with what brings out the best in you. Identify with your body and be comfortable in your own skin.

I remember a long time ago when I was still young and trying to find my feet in the world. I didn’t understand what temperaments meant and how I could work on my strengths to make them better and work on my weaknesses to turn them to strengths, I was clueless, with no sense of direction as to where I was headed or where my life was going. I needed help and I needed it fast.

Then I stumbled upon a book that made me understand myself in a totally new way. I gave you this book to read when you were much younger, if you remember it. It’s Tim Lahaye’s “spirit-controlled temperaments” where he incorporated different temperaments and how they affect the way we think, the way we relate and our attitude to work. If you’ve forgotten, I still have the copy in the house and you can pick it up to read whenever you come around.

You know in life, some circumstances are thrust at you that can make you doubt yourself and question yourself. You ask questions like: can I do this?, do I have what it takes to go all the way?, can I do this as perfectly as it should be done?

It is only when you have a deeply rooted belief in yourself and an unquestionable knowledge of who you are, that you can confidently say; ’yes I can’ , to the above questions..

I remember back in the day, before I had this knowledge I was always very afraid of doing new things. I constantly doubted myself and my abilities. I didn’t place any confidence in myself at all until I had this revelation. This completely revamped my life and set the course of my life on a higher plane. I was literally liberated.

So dear child, learn about yourself. Teach you about yourself. Know yourself in and out and accept you for who you are. Shape, body size, skin color, race or gender should not dictate the way you see yourself and should not be a limitation whatsoever. Once, you are able to do this, you are on the path to a major self-discovery.



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