Pimp My Ride


I love Nigerians. Nigerians are a set of people that can adapt to any situation and can find happiness in any instance. We know how to make the best of any situation and squeeze out something good for ourselves.

I recently took a ride in a keke to the office and I was amazed at everything this guy did to his ride. For non-Nigerians, a keke is a tricycle fashioned into a form of vehicle.

Although I have seen many attempts at pimping a keke, I just felt compelled to talk about this particular one. From my discussions with the keke rider, I deduced he is a graduate and for lack of something better to do, he decided to get a keke and transport passengers from one point to another.

In the keke, there were two sets of table fans hanging from the rail at the back of the driver, pointing directly to the passenger seat. There was a music player blaring cool music all through the ride; the seats were comfy as a layer of soft, cushiony material had been added to give extra comfort.

You could see this guy was thinking about the comfort of his passengers. The only thing missing was the cool blow of an AC which the natural air took care of (and there are fans in the absence of natural air). He had leather like curtains hanging from the door frame and you could pull it back or let it loose as you so desired.

He successfully created the illusion of a cool ride, with the music playing, the fan blowing hot air away and the almost dark interior. You’ll almost feel like you are riding in a Rolls Royce (i.e. if you close your eyes and picture yourself in one) with the top down, music blaring from the speakers and the cool breeze blowing your hair (you have to concentrate very hard though, we all know a ride in a keke is far different from the one in a Rolls).

Before I knew it, I asked to take a picture of his ride and I collected his number for future purposes (wink). I don’t have a Rolls Royce yet, so I might as well go for the next best thing; ‘Keke Rolls’ (don’t blame me, I like better thing).

Anyway, I could see myself taking another ride in his keke, which means he successfully achieved his aim; “to get ‘em customers and to keep ‘em”. He definitely got me.


2 thoughts on “Pimp My Ride

  1. Maggie, how then shall we thrive ?
    If we fail to strive
    No sweat, no sweet
    No pain, no gain
    So they say
    I salute the courage of Nigerians in the face of adversity
    I hope we never cease trying till we find our heaven of serenity and tranquility ………….

    ………… Glad that you’re observant enough to notice the struggles of the lower-class
    Grace to you for tis beautiful piece, if you keep up the struggle like the Nigerian in your story, you will smile at last


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