Every one of us knows about New Year resolutions. It’s that list we painstakingly make at the beginning of each year, which states what goals we want to achieve in the New Year and what milestones we want to reach and possibly, surpass. It’s a good practice, in fact, it is akin to a religion these days but the question on my mind is ‘how binding are they?’

My new year resolutions include reading a hundred books by the end of the year, writing three whole novels by the end of the year amidst posting stories on my blog twice a week and other duties. I do not leave out all other writing engagements and contracts I have to fulfill and of course caring for my household.

I realize I set a lot of goals for myself to achieve. To read 100 books by the end of the year, I have to read two books in a week; to write three whole books in a year, I have to wake up earlier and sleep later. All these are achievable; I have to push myself, I have to work harder but they can be done.

Therefore, the ultimate question is, “do I want to do all that, am I ready to push myself to the point where I am proud of my year and I can confidently say I had a great, a fulfilling and a rewarding year?” I realize, I do.

New Year’s resolutions are very easy to set but not as easy to meet. The key is to set small, achievable goals that you do not have to kill yourself to realize. A wise man once said you can list them into four different groups if it helps and just make sure everything you do falls within those groups. The groups are: finance, faith, family and fitness. If you look closely, you’ll realize everything you want to achieve probably falls into one of these categories.

Resolutions therefore become much easier to achieve and even when we stray, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Let us realize it is okay to make mistakes and fall as long as we stand back up, dust ourselves, and keep running.

Have a fun-filled, goal- achieving and ground-breaking year. Cheers!


P.S: a little treat is coming for you guys very soon. I hope you’ll enjoy it. But for now, shhhh, it’s a secret.

Don’t forget to leave your comments. Peace…


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