Love in the Bar 4


By the third week, I have settled in to a form of routine. I was able to prove my ingenuity to my boss when he gave me a file to prepare and told me to accompany him to court. He actually praised me, in his words ‘I like how you handle yourself.” Since then, I excelled in all the work he gave to me.

I was happy albeit stressed but I was learning and that was enough for me. In the three weeks, I appeared in court three times, that is an average of once a week. All the other time was spent doing research for senior associates, writing briefs and running from Dapo.

Since the episode in his office, I couldn’t bear to face him. I avoided him at all costs and he didn’t approach me either. He probably does not want a wide-eyed idiot staring at him all day. So embarrassing.

I was at my desk, working on a file for Sunmola. Junior associates are at the beck and call of everybody in the firm and we usually have a lot of grubby work to do. Sunmola and I are fast friends despite her seniority in the firm. We meet for lunch every afternoon and even spent last Saturday together at the movies.

A presence across my desk broke my concentration. I looked up, and straight into the face of Dapo, what could he want? More work for me. I frowned slightly.

“Why the sad look? Aren’t you happy to see me?”

I rolled my eyes, waiting for him to tell me why he’s in front of my desk. “What do you want?” I asked uncharitably, still feeling the sting of embarrassment.

“I just came by to see you.”

“Oh.” I peered at him curiously. “I would have offered you a seat but….” I gestured to the empty space before me.

“No problem.” He smiled. “Quick question, will you go out for a drink with me after work?

Uh? A drink? That came out of nowhere. “A drink?” I repeated aloud.

“Yeah. You know, those things that come out of bottles into cups and you sip?”

“I know what a drink is.”

“Oh? I would have argued that in court.”

“Very funny.” I laughed in spite of myself.

“So, would you?”


“Why? Well, let me think…it could be the fact that you annoy me and I want to give you a good dressing down or it could be that I like you and want to know more about you….” He trailed off

“Hmm, I’ll wager the former.”
“Really? Why?” he looked genuinely surprised

I shrugged. “We’ve not been best buddies since I started.”

“Hmm, it depends on your view. Well, would you like to find out? We could clear the air over a drink.”

“I’ll like that.”

“Cool. I’ll see you after work then.”


I was excited and at the same time nervous. Why did he want to have a drink with me? Does he like me or am I getting ahead of myself here?

I decided I’ll better wait to solve the mystery. It’s just a few hours and I can wait. Maybe.


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