Love in the Bar 16

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A short while later my mum and I were summoned to my dad’s private sitting room where Elena had earlier said he was having a meeting with my aunt.

On getting there, I went straight to my aunt and gave her a big hug. I was glad to see her and happy that she loved me enough to make the journey to see my dad. “Thank you for coming, aunty.” I whispered in her ear.

“You’re welcome darling.” She whispered back and winked at me; with that wink, I knew everything was settled.

My mum greeted her too and while they exchanged pleasantries, I looked to my dad and saw his eyes on me. he smiled and gestured I come sit beside him on the sofa. I went ahead.

“How are you?” he asked, looking at me intently.

“I’m fine sir. I’m sorry I was such a brat.”

“Never mind. But don’t ever act that way again. I’d rather you told me your grievances than locked your door for days.” He admonished. “Anyway, that’s about to become a moot point.” He said under his breath.

My mum approached us and sat on the other side of my dad. They always liked to sit together in family meetings like this to show they were a united front.

My aunt Chioma took the floor. “Leona, my dear I have talked some sense into your father.” My dad smiled ruefully at that. “I believe he has seen the errors of his ways and he’s ready to change. With all his enlightenment, I can’t believe he’s still living in the 18th century. You’ll forgive him for being a bull-headed father, won’t you?” she raised her brows.

I looked at my dad and found him smiling. He shrugged. “Of course ma.” I answered

“Good, good. Now, this young man of yours, he’s a good man, kwa?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Of course, you’ll say that; you are filled to the brim with love.”she teased. My mum laughed. “We remember how it was in our days, ehn, Ijeoma?”

“Yes sister, we do.” Mum replied

“So, it is settled nne.” She turned back to me.

“Okay ma.” I smiled.

“Invite your young man to dinner tonight. I want to meet him.”

“Okay aunty.” I replied happily.

I looked at my dad and he nodded. “You can go.” He said. I hugged him and bounced out to make the happiest call of my life.

Less than eight months later, Dapo and I were married. As I stood beside him and said my vows, I was the happiest and most blessed woman in the world. My heart was full of love and I could see the love reflected in Dapo’s eyes.

Winnie was my maid of honor and my sister and the other girls made up the bridal party. Winnie kept winking at me all through the ceremony. She couldn’t wait for me to give her the entire gist about the wedding night. As if I would, I laughed to myself. I winked back just to pacify her.

In a short while, Dapo had managed to make my entire family fall in love with him just like I did. My parents have been so glad they didn’t pull us apart. They have blessed God everyday for the new son he has added to their family. It just goes to show how much love will be in our lives if we can set aside all prejudices.



Thank you guys for reading! Hope it was worth it in the end? If you love the story, please share with your friends so they can enjoy it too. After all, there is love in sharing *winking like Winnie*. Cheers…



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