Thank you for following the ‘Love in the Bar’ story so diligently my friends. Now, coming down from its high, let’s take some time to relax before a new story comes on. In the meantime, I have some thoughts to share with you.

Last week I was interviewed on the radio in commemoration of the International women’s day that was celebrated. The topic discussed centered on women and the impact we are beginning to have in the digital world; how every woman can enhance the abilities within us and then use the opportunities that abound in our world today to become a better us, and to achieve better results. This eventually led us to the subject of blogging and its very much proclaimed possibilities, and how women can harness this particular avenue.

We graduated from this to a discussion on the virtues of patience. We all know the story of Linda Ikeji but what most of us might not know was how long it took her to get to the level she is today. We heard of the five hundred million naira mansion she bought in Banana Islands, Lagos, we heard of her designer clothes and accessories, and we heard of her nice cars but how many really took the time to think of what she did, the sacrifices she made and the hard work she put in for a long time before she got to that point she is today, the point where we all admire her and want to be like her.

Linda actually put in four good years of hard work and lots of prayers before she started seeing the results of her labor. Four years, and this was when blogging was not even popular, a period when only a handful of Nigerians were involved in blogging as compared to the thousands of bloggers all over the country now. She persevered; she worked hard and was only able to enjoy success after four years. How many of us can actually do that? How many of us can wait?

This is where patience comes in. No matter what we do in life, we shouldn’t always expect immediate gratification for our labor. It takes time, it takes consistency and it takes patience for the bees to produce the honey we enjoy. A diamond goes through different purification processes before it becomes the shinning stone we all admire and dream of owning. It is imperative for us to know that there is a period of waiting and accept that there is a process we have to go through to achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

My friends, anything worth something is worth waiting for. In whatever we do, let us determine to keep at it until it starts yielding the fruits and dividends we want.
This applies to me too. When I first started blogging, I was expecting immediate earnings. I thought if Linda Ikeji could do it, I can too so I plunged in. It took a while for me to realize I have to learn more about this blogging of a thing before I can start earning as much as I want. Even now, sometimes I find myself wondering if I’m on the right track, I have doubts and I feel like quitting, but when I remember how far I have come and how far I can still go, I encourage myself and persevere, looking towards that future I see, and knowing I will get there someday.

The best of us gets discouraged from time to time but it is how we move on from the discouragements and heartbreaks that matter. It is those steps we take from disappointments that set us on the path of success.

So, let us be encouraged and know that eventually, we will achieve our dreams. Together, we will get there!



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