The Blank Syndrome


Recently, I had trouble writing. My mind was literally blank. I had ideas but the moment I opened a new page on Microsoft word to write, I just went blank and kept staring at the screen, looking at the cursor as it mocked me and dared me to put something down. It was frustrating, it was annoying especially since I had deadlines to meet and this could be very mortifying.  Some call it writers block but I choose to call it ‘the blank syndrome.’

This moreover can happen to any creative person; one moment you are full of ideas, pumping and ready to go and the next everything just goes blank. You try and try, you endeavor to make your creative juices flowing, but there’s just nothing there.

I tried all sorts myself. Some people suggested I forget writing for now and just read; that I should read novels, interesting books or just relax and watch a movie. A friend of mine even suggested I go into the toilet, lock myself in with a writing pad and the words will flow; he swore by this method too….lol. I didn’t try it though but I did something infinitely better.

After reading all the novels I could, and watching all the movies I could without results; and in the back of my mind I knew I had deadlines, clients waiting for their jobs whom I knew I couldn’t afford to disappoint, I knew I had to do something and do it fast.

What did I do? Something exceptionally simple but very rewarding, something we usually overlook in the day to day bustle and struggle to survive. I simply went to the place of prayer and voila! My mind opened up like that! Yes, it was that fast and that simple. I was amazed by how fast my brain opened up and the words started flowing. A story I had been stuck with for many days, I finished within a few hours.

Yes, most times the Lord works that fast. He’s just waiting for us to ask and He will give it. He’s just waiting for us to acknowledge our weaknesses and rely on His strength, and then He provides exactly what we need. Despite the many sources of knowledge these days via the internet and what-not’s, he is still the unbounded source of knowledge. Everything you need to know is in Him.

So, whatever it is you are searching for today, be it inspiration, motivation, acknowledgement for your hard work, or just peace of mind, HE is the infinite source of wisdom. Just ask.


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