Restore 6


By the time Jade came back, it was a little past ten in the morning. She had called her colleague at the office while eating to inform him of the developments and let him know she wouldn’t be coming in to the office today. Jim had been sympathetic and wished Wale a speedy recovery. Now, she went directly to the information desk to inquire after Wale. The nurse she spoke with earlier was still there which made Jade approach cautiously.

“Madam, we have been looking for you now. Where have you been? The doctors have done their rounds and they wanted to inform you of your husband.”

“I’m so sorry. I quickly went to have a bite to eat. What did the doctors say? How is my husband?”

“Be patient please. Let me call the doctor in charge of your husband’s case.”

“Okay, thanks.”

The nurse picked up the phone in front of her and dialed a number. “Doctor Abbey, please.” She said and waited while the doctor came on. “Doctor, the woman you were asking for is here right now.” She paused again. “Okay, I’ll let her know.”

She turned to Jade. “He said he’ll be with you shortly.”

Jade nodded. “Thank you.”

“Please have a seat while you wait madam.”

“Thank you.” She repeated and sat.

A few moments later she spotted the doctor she had spoken with last night turn a corner towards them. She quickly stood up and met him halfway.

“Doctor, how is he?” she asked anxiously

“Calm down madam. He’s a lot better. His vitals have increased and he is beginning to come out of the drug induced sleep. He’s a lot stabilized now and we have every reason to believe he’ll pull through and he’ll be just fine. In a few hours, he should be properly alert to his surroundings.”

“Oh thank God!” Jade breathed. “Oh, thank you doctor. Can I see him now?”

“By all means madam. I’ll show you the way.”

“Thank you.” She whispered fervently and followed him through the halls to a private room. Wale was sleeping when they got there.

“There he is. Try not to make too much noise so as not to disturb his rest.”

“Okay. I’ll be very quiet.”

“Madam, you can go home and freshen up in the meantime. To my understanding, you were here all night?”

“Yes I was but I’m fine doctor. I’ll go home when he sees me and I’m assured he’s fine.”

“Okay then. Call the nurse if you need anything.”

“Thank you sir. I’m very grateful.”

“I’m just doing my job ma’am.”

With that he left the room. Jade dragged the only chair in the room closer to the bed and sat down. She took Wale’s hand in hers and thanked God once more for saving him. She looked at his battered face and bandaged body and thanked God it was not a lot worse. The doctor had said it was the seat-belt he had on that saved his life but Jade chose to believe it was God at work. She continued singing praises to Him while she watched Wale’s face, willing him to wake up.


Nedu checked her phone for the umpteenth time that day. She had been waiting endlessly for Wale’s call all day and she couldn’t believe he had not called her yet. She thought they had had a nice time, and he had promised to call. Some minutes ago, she had even put the matter into her own hands and dialed his number, but the operator said the number was unavailable at the moment. She refused to think he switched off his line just because of her.

She stared at her screen again, forgetting she just did that some few seconds ago. Even though all the tellers were required to submit their phones on resumption every day, Jade had sneaked hers in so as not to miss Wale’s calls. To think that I went to all that trouble for nothing, Nedu fumed. He should not even bother calling again, cos I won’t pick. With those insincere thoughts running through her mind, she went back to work.


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