Restore 7


Wale opened his eyes to the blinding light streaming in through the window. He closed his eyes and groaned. Where am I? Why did I leave the window  open while I slept? This doesn’t feel like my bed. What’s going on? These thoughts whirled through his head while he tried to get the bearings of where he was.

Jade heard the groan and quickly came to the side of his bed. “Shh shh, try and relax. It’s okay. You are fine.”

“Whaaaa…?” Who is that? Sounds like Jade. He tried to turned to get a better view of the owner of the voice.

“It’s okay Wale. Relax please.” Jade said calmly

“Jade, is that you?” he tried to turn again but he felt some sharp pains all through his body. He groaned again.

“Yes, it’s me Wale. Try and  relax please, so you don’t pull your stitches.”

“Stitche….stitches? What?” he turned his head and regarded Jade. By this time, his eyes had adjusted properly to the bright light and he could see her clearly. “What do you mean by stitches? Where am I?”

Jade smiled. “You are at the hospital Wale, you were involved in an accident. But you are fine now.”

“Accident?” Wale exclaimed and tried to sit up on the bed. The pain in his abdomen sent him back down. “Awwww” he moaned

“Wale, I said you should relax. You had a major surgery and you shouldn’t pull your stitches. In fact, I’m going to call the nurse.”

She went out and got the attention of a nurse. The nurse told her she would be right there and she went back in.

“A nurse will be in shortly to check on you.” She told Wale.

The nurse walked in right after that. “So, you are back from the dead ehn, Mr. Adeniran?” she said and cackled at her own joke. Wale looked at her askance as if to say ‘how is that funny?’ Jade turned to the wall as she tried to hide her smile.

She was not perturbed though. “Your wife has been so anxious about you. She’s been here all night.”

If Jade was white, she would have blushed at that statement. This nurse and her big mouth. Wale looked at her but she refused to acknowledge the look. She was so embarrassed.

The nurse went about her business, oblivious to the tension in the room. She took out some injections and syringes and proceeded to fill the syringes with the liquid. Wale grimaced as he watched her. He had always been wary of injections; they were not his favorite things.

“Turn to your side, sir so I can give you some analgesics and antibiotics.” Wale shifted slightly to the side and the nurse did her business. “There, you will feel better soon.”

“Thank you.” He croaked

She waved his thanks away and after packing all her paraphernalia, sailed out of the room as quickly as she came in.

An awkward silence filled the room as soon as she left. Wale laid back down carefully and turned his head so he could observe Jade from a better vantage point. Jade felt self-conscious, she had not had a bath all day and she was wary that Wale was seeing her after all these years, less than perfect.

“What are you doing here, Jade?” he finally asked

“I told you. You had an accident.”

“Yes I heard that but what are you doing here?”

Jade shrugged. “My number is listed on your driver’s license as your next of kin so I was called.” She tried straightening the bottom of the bed to give herself something to do.

“Ohhhh.” Wale whispered. “I’m sorry about that.”

“It was nothing, I’m glad to be here for you. You gave me a fright though.”

Wale looked at her, surprised. Jade was surprised herself; it seemed the fright and anxiety had addled her brain or she never would have made that statement in a million years. The tension in the room escalated.

“I’m sorry. The last thing I remember  was driving back home from Bodija. The next thing I knew, I found myself here.”

“Why were you out that late anyway?” she asked. “Never mind, it’s none of my business.” She looked away.

“I was out on a date.” He said quietly

Jade felt the old bitterness rushing back. Out on a date? While I was home pining after him? She caught herself and schooled her face. After all, we are divorced and I have no claim on him.

Wale watched all these expressions flicker across her face. He had always been able to read her face easily and what he could see there now spoke plainly of jealousy. She’s at it again, he thought. “It was just a casual thing.” He felt the need to explain himself.

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me. Like I said, it’s none of my business.”

Wale thought it wise to change the conversation. “So, you’ve been here all night?”



“I needed to be sure you were okay.”


Jade stared at him. What does he want me to say? That I couldn’t bear to leave his side for fear I might lose him? That I’ve been scared out of my mind all night? “You were sick Wale, besides, there was nobody else.”

He conceded her that point. “The nurse called you my wife?” he raised his brows

She shrugged. “An honest assumption.”

Wale decided to let that go too. Besides, he rather liked the assumption that she was still his wife. “How about my car?”

Jade walked to the window and looked out. “I really don’t know Wale. It’s probably still at the site of the accident.”

“Okay. Who brought me here?”

“A good Samarian probably.”


A few moments later, Jade turned back to look at him when she didn’t hear his voice anymore. She discovered he was fast asleep. She walked towards the bed and covered him gently. He didn’t even stir. The drugs must have taken effect.

Now is probably a good time to go home and freshen up, she thought. He wouldn’t miss me while he’s asleep. She stood up, grabbed her purse from where it lay neglected on the floor and went out of the room quietly. She left the door slightly ajar so he could call if he needed anything.

“I’ll be back.” She told the nurse at the information booth and walked out of the hospital into the sunshine.


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