Restore 9


Wale opened his eyes slowly. The drugs were still clouding his brain but he could think more clearly now. He remembered seeing Jade here earlier and everything they had talked about. He looked around the room and was surprised at the disappointment he felt to find her gone. Do I really want her around?

He wondered why she came at all after everything that had happened between them. For the last four years, they had had minimal contact and had only seen each other a handful of times when it was unavoidable that they had to meet to talk about their son. Most of their ‘talks’ were done via phone or email. Theirs was a very ‘socially conscious’ relationship.

Wale wondered where his precious car was. He had dreamt thieves had stripped it of all its parts where it was abandoned on the road. He wondered who he could ask about it. His phone and some personal effects were in the car too. He hoped everything was still in there. Maybe a nurse could enlighten him on the state of his properties. He looked around but found no means to call the attention of anyone. There was no intercom or bell…. nothing. He was completely on his own.

He tried to sit up, to test his strength and see maybe he could walk just to the door. The sharp pain in his abdomen dissuaded him from that notion very fast. He laid back on the bed very gently.

Just as he was about to let out a bellow as a last resort, a nurse walked in. it was a different person from the one who had come earlier.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Adeniran. How are you feeling?”

“I’ve been better.” Wale muttered

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel a lot better soon.”

“Thanks. When can I go home?”

“That’s left for the doctor to decide. But you shouldn’t be here for more than a week, and even when you leave you’ll still need constant care. You know you had a major surgery.”

“Yes I do. Thank you.”

“Where can I get something to eat? I’m so hungry.” He confessed

She smiled. “Have you passed gas?”


“I’m sorry; you won’t be able to eat until you do.”

“Okay.” He acquiesced.

She gave him some injections and was about to leave him be when he asked. “Say, do you happen to know anything about my properties? Or about the person who brought me here?”

“No. I’m sorry I don’t, but I’ll ask the nurse who was on duty that night. She might be able to help.”

“I’ll appreciate that. Thank you.”

Segun knocked on his mother’s door and when there was no response after a few moments, he cautiously opened the door and peeked in. He found her sound asleep on the bed and was about to tip-toe quietly out the door to allow her have her rest when she moved.

“Segun, is that you?”

“Yes mum.”

“Oh.” She rubbed sleep from her eyes. “I slept off.”

“Yes ma. You’ve been in here for a few and I thought to check on you when I didn’t see you after two hours. I know you don’t take that long to get ready.”

She yawned. “I’m so tired. I barely slept last night.”

“You can relax for a few minutes more. There’s still time to visit dad later. Or maybe tomorrow.”

She yawned again. “No, not tomorrow. Just give me a few moments, I’ll be with you.”

“Okay mum.” He stepped out.

Jade looked at the alarm clock beside her bed and saw it was a little past four in the afternoon. She rolled to the other side and yawned again. She looked at the empty space beside her and wished that Wale was lying there beside her. She sighed. Father, you know the desires of my heart, but I still want your wiii to be done. Not mine Lord, but yours.

She stood up and stretched, then put on the jeans and top she put aside earlier before she slept off. She had lost a lot of weight since her divorce and had to change her entire wardrobe. Now, she chose the jeans and top not for style but for comfort. After putting on some light make-up, earrings and sandals, she was set to go. She took her car keys from the stool at the foot of her bed and went to meet Segun.

Segun was anxious but at the same time excited to see his dad. They had not seen in so long, close to two years now and he was not sure what he would do when they eventually did see; hug him, prostrate for him or just shake his hand?He settled for a handshake.

When they got there, they found Wale lounging on the bed watching TV. To Segun, he looked okay albeit a little bit older.

Wale stared at his son for a full two minutes and smiled. “Segun, is that you?” he whispered

“Yes sir.” Segun couldn’t bring himself to say dad yet.

“Wow. You’ve grown so big, I could barely recognize you.”

Segun felt uncomfortable under the scrutiny. He wished he was anywhere but there. Then again, he wanted to see his old man. Talk of conflicting emotions.

There was a soft look in Wale’s eyes as he observed his son. “How are you, son?” he asked

“I’m fine sir. How are you too?”

Wale smiled. “I’m better than yesterday.” He spread his hands. “I’m glad you are here.”

Segun nodded. An awkward silence ensued.

“So, how are you feeling this evening?” jade tried to break the awkward silence.

“I’m fine. Thanks for your help so far.”

“It’s my pleasure.” She answered  demurely.

Wale raised his brows. Really? She keeps surprising me. And when did she get so beautiful? Her skin is looking so flawless; I could almost see my reflection in it, and that face… “Well, I’m glad you guys are here. I can’t wait to get out of here. And…I’m so hungryyyy.”

“Oh my!” jade exclaimed. “I didn’t even remember food. I should have prepared something for you. Oh my!” she placed her palm on her mouth

“Oh don’t worry about that. The doctor said I can’t eat until I fart, so there’s no harm done.”

“Oh. Okay then.”

“Yes.” He looked at her shrewdly. Does she still care? Can’t believe she still cares for me, but her actions clearly show she does. Hmmm.

In all this time, Segun didn’t say a word; he just kept observing his parents’ exchange wondering what was going on. It was obvious they still cared for each other, but they were both trying so hard to hide it. Adults and their idiosyncrasies.

A few minutes more of awkward silence, small spurts of conversation and staring at the TV screen in silence did it for them all. Jade made their excuses and they left, both she and Segun secretly glad to be out of the tension-filled room. Little did they know they would all soon be thrust into a situation where they would have to live together.


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