Restore 10


One week later….

Jade unlocked the door to her home and Segun helped Wale in, supporting him by the side and leading him into the room. He helped him to the sofa and Wale sat down carefully. He looked around and was impressed by what he saw. Jade had really done well for herself despite his absence.

“Make yourself comfortable Wale.” She invited. “Would you like some water, or maybe juice?

“I would love a stronger drink than that.”

“You know you can’t drink spirits or anything alcoholic just yet. Besides, I don’t drink.”

“Since when?” Wale asked

“Well, for about two years now.”

“Hmm.” Wale gave her a shrewd look. “Why?”

“I’ll explain to you some other time, it’s not a story for today. Now, you need to rest but first, would you like anything?”

“Water is fine. I need to take my drugs anyway.”

“Okay.” Jade headed to the kitchen.

“I’ll be in my room.” Segun said and escaped from the living room.

Wale watched him go. The past week had not improved their relationship in any way. Segun had been in school all through the week and only came back home this weekend to help his mum move his dad in. Although Wale had called him twice during the week, that conversation hadn’t been any easier than the ones they had had face-to-face. But Wale was determined to persevere, even if the relationship between him and Jade was done, he would like one with Segun no matter what he had to do.

Wale had been as surprised as Jade when she said he could stay with her in her house till he was fully recovered. The doctor had emphasized the need for him not to stay alone and to have some form of help while he recuperated. While he was explaining to the doctor that he was a bachelor and still trying to explain the presence of Jade whom they had all assumed was his wife, she had jumped in and told the doctor she would take responsibility for his care. She then invited him into her home. He could tell she was as surprised that she had offered as he was as surprised at the offer. He was not about to question his good fortune though, a few weeks of good home cooked meals and tender loving care was just what the doctor prescribed; literally.

This past week, she had been very supportive. She had helped him find out about his car, and all of his belongings in it. His car had been towed to a nearby mechanic’s workshop and fortunately all the paraphernalia in the car were still intact. Wale had been surprised but grateful that his stuff were okay. The car though didn’t suffer a similar fate. The back of the car was really totaled and it broke Wale’s heart to think of what it would cost to repair the damage. It couldn’t be avoided though, and the insurance would take care of it. He had called his mechanic for an estimate of the cost as soon as Jade retrieved his mobile number for him. He couldn’t wait to drive his cool car once more.

Jade came back from the kitchen with a glass of water and found Segun gone. She had hoped he would at least spend some time with his dad. I guess it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. Father, it’s in your hands; as for me, I intend to do everything I can to win my man back so help me God. She found Wale laid back on the sofa with his eyes closed.

“Wale.” She called. “Here’s the water.”

He opened his eyes and sat up gingerly. “Thanks dear. Can you help me with the drugs? They are in the inner pocket of that satchel.” He pointed at a satchel on the table.

Dear? Hmm, I rather like the sound of that. Jade pulled the satchel towards herself, looked through it and brought out the prescriptions. She removed them from their various packets and bottles and handed them to Wale. He took them gratefully and swallowed them.

“Thanks. I’ll just like to sleep for a while. That journey from the hospital wore me out. I can’t believe you’ve been coming to see me every day from this distance.”

“Well yes but most times I come from the office.”

“Same place I know?”

“Yeah, I’m still with City Solutions. Although I was thinking seriously of leaving at some point, but then I stayed.”

He looked at her face. “Really? What happened? I thought you and your boss were pretty tight?”

“Yeah well, things change…life happens.”

“What happened.” He was curious, but Jade could see he also needed to rest.

“Another story for another day.” She smiled

Wale sighed. “I guess we’ll have a lot to talk about in the coming days then.”

“Hmm hmm.” Jade murmured. “Come, I prepared the room for you already. You’ll sleep better on the bed.”

“Okay.” He yawned and followed her to her bedroom.

They got to her room and Wale paused at the door, looking in. it was a nice room with a double bed, a huge wardrobe, a dressing table with a mirror attached to it just by the corner, a settee beside the wardrobe and an ironing board off to the other side. There was a door that led to the toilet and bathroom directly opposite the bed.

“Wait a minute, is this your room?” Wale asked on noticing the different beauty gadgets arranged neatly on the dresser.

She turned back to look at him. “Yes?”

“Oh no no no. I can’t impose on you like that, I’ll manage the sofa.”

“Don’t be silly Wale, we were married for ten years; you can impose whenever you want. Besides, there are only two rooms in this house and Segun’s got the other one.”

Wale looked chagrined and very uncomfortable. “Jade…”

“Don’t worry so much, I’ll be fine. Now, come get some sleep.” When he still hesitated she added, “Look at it this way, the earlier you get your strength back the better for both of us.”

He smiled. “Well…since you put it like that, I’ll best oblige.”

“Good.” She smiled too.

When he had settled down, she gently closed the door and went in search of her other man. It’s time I set some things straight, she thought.


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